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Celebrating Genuine Italian Woodfired Pizza

Locally Sourced × Crafted with Love


Celebrating genuine Italian woodfired pizza

Pizza Boccone is a celebration of genuine Italian woodfired pizza. Our crust is delicately crispy with just the right amount of chew. We nurture our dough for three days letting it proof to perfection. Our flour is Italy’s finest. Our mozzarella is creamy. Our ingredients are fresh. Making all of our handmade pizzas individual labors of love. Before you bite into one take a few seconds to appreciate the crust. The flawlessly charred dark brown edges and burn spots speckled on the bottom. We like to think of this as each pizza’s personality or fingerprint.


Pizza is circular. So is an hour. I’ll take two slices—to go.
— Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE


+61 2 9357 5591



Shop 11, Llankelly Place,

Potts Point, NSW

Australia 2011



  • Dinner: 5pm–11pm everyday
  • Lunch: 12.30-3pm everyday except Saturday

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Call  02 9357 5591 to reserve your table.


Yes, we deliver!

Home to world ranking pizza chef Samuelle Lauretti from Naples, Pizza Boccone serves authentic Italian woodfire pizza and home made pasta. Pizza Boccone prides itself on new, innovative and creative ingredients and recipes. If you feel like having an authentic Italian experience at home, order some of their trademark pizzas and pasta dishes now!


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